3 Ways to Get Cabling Right for Your Small Business

Posted on: 13 April 2021

If you are starting a small business, you need to make sure you have the right cables in place for all your business needs. Your cables for internet access are going to need to work in harmony with all the other cables in your building, such as powerlines and cords. When it comes to cabling for structured data service, you need to take a professional approach.

Way #1: Stay Away From Electrical Cables

A rookie mistake with cabling is to lay the phone and data cables right next to the electrical cables; after all, there is already space for those cables. However, this is a big mistake. Data cables rely on unshielded wires twisted inside the cable, which works to create a small magnetic field around the cable. When a data cable is placed right next to an electrical cable, it can't protect itself from the electrical cables' magnetic field. This will can cause the data cables to not work or result in static and interference.

That is why you want to keep your data cables on a different pathway through your building than your electric cables. An experienced cabling service will be able to identify where the cables should go.

Way #2: Be Aware of Other Interference Obstacles

Electrical wires are not the only thing that can cause interference with your data cables. Items that give off a lot of electricity or magnetism can act in the same manner as an electrical wire on your data cables. For example, fluorescent lights can cause interference, as can many types of motors. If the item generates its own buzz as it operates, like fluorescent lights do, you will want to stay away from that item.

Way #3: Use Cabling Standards

Some standards are used throughout the telecommunications industry to guide what type of cables you should install in your building, where they should be located, and how long the cables should be. When planning out what you need from your cables, you will want to make sure that your approach is aligned with industry standards for installing the wires. An experienced cabling service will be able to ensure your plan works with industry standards.

When it comes to installing cables for your small business, choose a cabling service to work with. A cabling service will ensure that your data and phone lines are installed in a manner that meets industry standards. They will make sure they are located somewhere where they will not experience any electrical interference.


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